Appointment of Knight

Upon delivery of the papers, one becomes in effect a Knight of the Sovereign Royal Order of Italy in defense of the Church of Peter. During the calendar year, three major events at national and world level are planned, established by the Sovereign Royal Order of Italy with investiture including the delivery of the trousseau, of the Knights in Defense of the Church of Peter.

The invitation for the event is communicated in advance via e-mail by the Rome secretariat.

Starting from 2016, the Sovereign Royal Order of Italy assigns the Knights a cross embroidered in gold thread (to be applied on the left shoulder of the cloak) as a valid recognition for the current year. Up to 5 symbols in the shape of a cross can be affixed to the same cloak.
The annual event includes every registered and participating Knight. The personal delivery of the Kit underlines how important the recognition and initiative is for the Knight, with the aim, announced several times, of finally distinguishing the Knights of the Order from all the other self-styled Knights belonging to Lodges not really recognized.


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