The Statute

The Sovereign Royal Order of Italy is the result of the highest philosophical, theosophical, theological school in the world, so that man can look beyond the sown


Article 1: Sovereign Royal Order of Italy
The  Sovereign Royal Order of Italy (in which there is the SAPIENTIA Academy, which
is the highest school in the world) allows us to reach  Knowledge about who we are, where we come from, what our mission is on Earth, where we will go post-mortem and finally to discover the interpenetration with the nature that surrounds us and the way we relate to it.


Article 2: Purpose
The purpose of the Sovereign Royal Order of Italy is to belong to the circuit of the High Schools of Thought and Knowledge,,
the mystical side that works in the light of The One Who Is, that is, of what we know as "God" and what we also pose as the centrality of Man, with the essential purpose of personal life to realize the freedom of all peoples.


Article 3: Scope
The pre-eminent purpose of the Sovereign Royal Order of Italy is the protection of the sacredness of the human person, in harmony with the doctrine of Christianity (not the popular, but the esoteric one, the only true one) and the defense of the Church of Peter, Universal Catholic Church...!


Article 4: Historical Role and Function
The historical role of the Sovereign Royal Order of Italy has always been a spiritual function: its task is to spread,
to promote and promote, through man's education to dialogue and the free dialectical confrontation of ideas, thought, tolerance, universal brotherhood, the establishment of processes of growth and maturation of Christian culture, liberal and enlightened of Western model, always maintaining in harmony with the anthropological principle of consciousness and cognition oriented to the search for the truth of God  and Man, to bring happiness and material and spiritual well-being to the human person, to the human and spiritual person.


Article 5: Prohibitions
The Sovereign Royal Order of Italy  prohibits the conduct of activities within the Order, as well as absolute prohibition, subject to expulsion, of anti-legal conduct detrimental to the Constitutional Order of the Italian Republic.


Article 6: Philanthropy
The Sovereign Royal Order of Italy deals with Philanthropy and Cultural Patronage, typical of the Constitutions of Frederick II of Sweden (of the Liber Augustalis of 1241 and the great Constitutions Emanate From the Augusta Majesty of Frederick II of Prussia of 1786).


Article 7: Transparency
There are always legal-administrative transparencies for the purposes of the Sovereign Royal Order of Italy..


Article 19: Fees
Each member of the Sovereign Royal Order of Italy is required to comply with the payment of the social fees to the extent established by the
High Court, with payment on C.C. Bank in the name of:  Sovereign Royal Order of Italy.
It is also for the donations offered by Italy and those from the Foreign and European Nations.


Article 26: Noble Order of sword and eagle
The Sovereign Royal Order of Italy  admits within it the "Noble Order of the Sword and the Eagle",
founded by Her Highness Giovanni Francesco Alliata di Monte Reale and Prince of the Holy Roman Empire.
The Noble Order will reward those who will stand out particularly in serving the Fatherland and Humanity and who have particularly been well-deserved towards The Order itself and towards the Noble Association of the Sword and the Eagle.

In view of the many requests from the middle-class who arrived at the Prince's secretariat in
order to be awarded the Noble Title, the Noble Order of the Sword and Eagle was founded.
In this way, it was made autonomous, free and independent of the other Noble Houses existing in Italy.
The Order cannot be linked to existing house orders: it is legitimately independent.


Article 27: Funding and Donations
The Sovereign Royal Order of Italy is self-financing, by virtue of membership fees, monthly, annual contributions and spontaneous donations made by the new followers, as well as any extraordinary donations, bequests and cetera, approved by the High Court.
These bequests and donations are donated to Social Assistance, Scholarships for the less well-off, direct assistance to those in need, widows, daycare for those who cannot pay tuitions.
The  Sovereign Royal Order of Italy accepts external supporters who want to donate to charity by finalizing to the less well-off; disenfranchised; homeless; evicted from the rent.


Article 29: Whitby Agreement
The High Court of the Sovereign Royal Order of Italy recognizes, following a careful deliberation, the continuity of the Sovereign Royal Order of Scotland and the Nine Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur, reaffirming the ancient spiritual values of this Cavalry as already foreseen by the Statutes of 1786, drawn up by Frederick IInd King of Prussia called the Great and Great Protector and Conservator of the Order, by the First Christian of Scotland St. Ninian who founded the Christian base of origin on the north bank of the Solway Firth, west of England, in the year 397 A.D., the year of the death of St. Martin of Tours.

The northern border of the Roman Empire was outlined by the valley built by Hadrian (122 AD) and for this reason the country was still under strong Roman influence, although Roman soldiers were recalled by Britain in 410 AD to defend the City of Rome during the Barbarian invasions. The two missionaries, who professed to the south in the San Ninian region and the other to the northwest in St. Columba, followed several traditions, including the most famous regarding the choice of the date of Easter. The synod that accepted Roman tradition with Whitby's agreement in 664 AD historically confirmed how much the Church, in those islands, owes its allegiance above all to Peter. We Knights of Jesus now and always will therefore be at the defense of the Church of Peter in the name of Jesus, even coming to the extreme sacrifice.


Article 30: Disavoshing the Excommunication
The Sovereign Royal Order of Italy recognizes St. John the Baptist as "Holy Patron" and Protector of the Order, which takes place on the day of June 24 in Italy and the rest of the world, three months before the conception of Jesus. August 29 is also to be remembered, as the date of the martyrdom of St. John called the Baptist.
The High Court met in Rome, chaired by Our King, Her Highness Federico Giovanni I, who thus decreed not to recognize the papal excommunication of Clement V on 22 March 1312 at the expense of the Knights Templar.
The Sovereign Royal Order of Italy therefore confirms its continuity linked to the Church, admitting within the Hospital Knights in the service of the Sick. Wherever the Ambassador is, he must appoint a Chaplain for the Knights of Jesus (to the defense of the Church of Peter) and appoint the Knights of the Order: he is the guarantor of the administration as provided for by the Statutes and Regulations of  S. O. R. I.
The Chaplain will heal the spiritual part and spread Esoteric Christianity to all Christians in the Church of Peter: every believer will thus truly be able to know better the word of Jesus, which is the light of the World.
To find God, just read the Bible carefully: God is to be discovered, there can be no God "imposed" by mere mortals.
The management of ordinary and extraordinary donations in all nations where there is the figure of the Ambassador is managed by the Administration of individual Ambassadors, following the decision of the High Court of Rome. Each Ambassador must first ask the High Court in Rome for a decision on where to allocate the donations received.
The spirituality of the Order in the 13th century is finally back today as that of the charitable Knights Templar. All will have to abide by the 13th-century Templar Knighthood act.


Christian Cavalry
The Christian Cavalry has Christian mystical-religious connotations closely linked to the old and original ritual of the Temple Order; today it is considered the purest expression of the Christian Cavalry.
Inside, there are only 9 Elected Knights, who support Federico Giovanni I, King of the Sovereign Royal Order of Italy (S.O.R.I.); none of the S. O. R. I. affiliates are allowed to approach and/or speak with the Knights, and no one else outside the Sovereign knows those who bear the word of Jesus in the World,  true Light..


List of Categories to Support

Direct care for the elderly at institutions and private residence

Direct assistance to the disabled and homeless

Direct assistance for orphans at institutions and/or shelters

Direct assistance to the Canteens for the poor people

Direct assistance for gp surgeries in Italy and abroad

Direct collaboration with University Rectors for scholarships to the deserving ones

Direct assistance of abandoned-malted animals.

Direct assistance to the orphans of the members of the law enforcement: Police, Carabinieri, Finance, Army, Navy, Air Force.


Noble Order Of Sword and Eagle
Sovereign Royal Order of Italy
Founded by S.A.S. Giovanni Francesco Alliata, born in Rio de Janeiro on 21/08/1926 and Prince of the Holy Roman Empire

By public act, written by Dr. Edemondo Millozza, Notary – Via Dalmatia, 29 chapter 00198 Roma
Repertory No.110756 Collection No.16720 Recorded on June 27, 1986 to Public Acts on December 31, 1986 and transcribed at the Court of Rome

Noble Titles Awarded:











Knighthood of Christ
This high honor will be granted only to the deserving who have distinguished themselves under the starry vault
with works of peace and harmony for humanity, without distinctions of sex.

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